Budding American Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter Hank Quillen Delivers a Soul-Stirring and Heartfelt Performance With “Your Kind of Love” - Daily Music Spin

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The up-and-coming indie rock singer-songwriter Hank Quillen is making a splash on the contemporary music scene with his recently released single ‘Treading Water’. Hank’s artistic talents shine through like a beacon from the very first note, making this a one-of-a-kind type of single that is truly inspiring. -  Breaking and Entering Milwaukee

The new single is everything we have come to expect from an artist of his ability. He mixes various musical genres and styles to create something we do not frequently hear in today’s music landscape. -M.I. Connected 

It is a release that has engulfed us ever since it arrived here, and the raw energy that Hank exudes is impossible to ignore. -GSGMEDIA 

Hank Quillen sends shockwaves through the rock world with his newest single, ‘Treading Water’. The delivery from the American musician exceeds our expectations in every way! - All I Need Is Music

 His approach to composition is invigorating, and he doesn't shy away from throwing a lot of elements into the mix, resulting in a sonic landscape that is unlike anything else currently available on the market.- Subba-Cultcha

Hank Quillen takes us on an unforgettable indie-rock expedition with his new single, ‘Treading Water’. The track is out now on streaming platforms, and we cannot get enough of it! -New In Music

This song has a nail-biting texture and raw intensity, and the singer-songwriter puts his heart into his performance -Music Charts UK

Treading Water is a triumphant return for Hank Quillen, putting some of his strongest artistic attributes on full display. Each element of this single is incredibly thoughtful – from the arrangement choice to the production to the composition itself -Ark of Music

This new track by Hank Quillen, ‘Treading Water’, is smashing it. The release is a bare reflection of Hank’s skill and captivates with the nail-biting qualities it possesses! - Vocoder Magazine

 This indie rock track is as reflective as the water it invokes, A melancholy tale about memories, this song is one we won’t soon forget Hank Quillen has been developing his sound as an artist. 2020s A Southern Style River Revival volumes I and II show us a promising presence in the music scene -Indie Band Guru



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Lyric video for 'I Gotta Know' is up. Click picture!

 Hank Quillen will appear in 'Women of the Movement' on ABC. The six part series starting Thursday January 6th follows the life of Mamie Till-Mobley and her fight for justice for her son Emmett Till who was murdered in 1955. 


Press for 'A Southern Style River Revival Vol. I and II'

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